We are delighted to welcome Emma to the team! Emma will be running our Art Therapy sessions, starting next month. You can read Emma’s bio below:

“My name is Emma Ehrenthal, and I am excited to introduce myself as the art therapist for Little Echoes. I studied art therapy at University of the Arts in Philadelphia where I received a BFA in painting and continued my education at Naropa University where I received an MA in art therapy and psychology with a focus on mindfulness techniques. I enjoy taking a holistic approach to counselling which incorporates community, sensory and movement based interventions, creative expression, attachment psychology, and an informed trauma approach. I have worked with a variety of ages in different settings including; Cambodia with families who had experienced human trafficking, a hospice with families who were grieving, a residential centre for adolescents, and wellness centres for children and families processing life transitions. I am happy to be joining the supportive team at Little Echoes, and I look forward to learning about you and your family.”

You can find out more about Emma and her work here.